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Tight Slinky Dog Dash Genie+ Availability



Wait times lately for Slinky Dog Dash, a launched roller coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios, have been high, averaging around a 90 minute wait time (or more) in recent weeks.



Naturally, most park visitors do not prefer to wait that long in a queue. This leads to high demand for the coaster's Genie+ slots. Over the past month, Lightning Lane slots for Slinky Dog Dash have filled up in less than three minutes three times. It has sold out a total of six times before Hollywood Studios opened for the day too. If you are trying to visit Hollywood Studios with Genie+ and want to ride Slinky Dog Dash, make it your #1 priority at 7:00 AM! 


What if you were unable to secure a slot at first Lightning Lane release? Availability does sometimes randomly appear throughout the day. In the graph below, any non-gray blocks are times when Lightning Lane slots were available over the past month. It can sometimes pay off to keep refreshing the My Disney Experience app.


If your only option is to wait in the queue, there are periodically some sweet spots between 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM. Just watch out for those afternoon thunderstorms. Right after the attraction comes back from a delay is a good time to ride too.



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