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Universal Orlando Wait Times on HHN Event Days



Down I-4 from Universal Orlando, the data showed that wait times are significantly lower at the Magic Kingdom during days when there is a Halloween Party. Does the same conclusion hold true at both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida on days where Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) takes place? Let's a take a look at the HHN 31 data from 2022 to find out.

At Universal Studios Florida, where HHN is held, the average wait time in 2022 on days with a HHN event was 32.5 minutes. On days without an event, the average wait time dropped down to 27.4 minutes. Wait times, in general, increased from the beginning of September to the middle of October.


Wait times before 5 PM were not much different in October of last year, with week days a bit ligher. Patterns changed on HHN days after 5 PM. Overall, the data suggests there is no real advantage to visiting Universal Studios Florida on a day with HHN in terms of wait times when you get less time in the park (assuming you are not going to HHN).


How does HHN affect wait times at Islands of Adventure? On HHN event days at its neighbor park, IOA had an average wait time of 28.1 minutes in 2022. When there was no HHN event next door, the average wait time was down to 23.5 minutes. Some of this difference can be explained by the majority of HHN event days occurring on the busier weekend days for the park. Another factor is more guests choosing to visit IOA on HHN days to take advantage of longer operating hours.




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