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HHN Heating Up in September



Halloween Horror Nights, HHN for short, is in at least its second week at both Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood. Both events are historically popular, but the events during the month of September are usually a bit more mild in terms of wait times. Has that story held true in 2023?

During HHN 31 at Universal Studios Florida last year, the highest average wait time for any given event (the average wait time of each haunted house on a given night) was 64 minutes on 10/19/2022. Last night at HHN 32, on 9/17/2023, the average wait time was 69 minutes! Previous to last night, the average had hovered closer to 58 minutes. Last September, the highest nightly average was 58 minutes, which happened twice.


Stranger Things 4 and The Last of Us have been driving the average wait times up so far. Reasonable wait times can be had for many of the houses early on (outside of ST4 and TLOU), and later on in the night, especially if you can stay past 12 AM. For all the data, updating during and after each HHN event, be sure to check out of HHN page at https://www.thrill-data.com/hhn/orlando/2023


At HHN Hollywood, average house wait times are even higher than Orlando, and higher than wait times during last year's event. During HHN 2022, the highest average wait time was 90 minutes on 9/24/2022; during the event last night (9/17/2023), the average wait time was a whopping 96 minutes!


Based upon wait times, the most popular house at HHN Hollywood has been Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count followed by Stranger Things 4 and The Last of Us.


Last night, several of the houses saw some dramatic swings up and down, and wait times remained high most of the night. Like HHN Orlando, follow all of the HHN Hollywood data all season long at https://www.thrill-data.com/hhn/hollywood/2023



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