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Tracking New Theme Parks



We are pleased to announce that we are tracking wait times at three new parks located in the USA: Kennywood, Lake Compounce, and Adventureland!

Kennywood, located in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, has been operating since 1899! The park features 8 roller coasters, including some classic woodies, and multiple other classic attractions.

View Kennywood's wait time data at https://www.thrill-data.com/waits/park/additional-parks-america/kennywood/

Lake Compounce, located in Bristol, Connecticut, is another classic amusement park, operating since 1846! It features 5 roller coasters, with the star being Boulder Dash, an extreme woodie operating since 2000.

View Lake Compunce's wait time data at https://www.thrill-data.com/waits/park/additional-parks-america/lake-compounce/

Adventureland, located in Altoona, Iowa, has been operating since 1974. This regional amusement park features 7 roller coasters, including the new Flying Viking, which just opened last month.

View Adventureland's wait time data at https://www.thrill-data.com/waits/park/additional-parks-america/adventureland/


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