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Hershey Park Posted vs Actual Wait Times

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Here are some posted versus actual wait times for Hershey Park this week. The number in the parentheses () is the posted wait time by the park.

Wait 28 (15) for Great Bear
Wait 35 (25) for Candymonium
Wait 13 (60) for Great Bear
Wait 13 (20) for Comet
Wait 1 (30) for sooperdooperLooper
Wait 6 (25) for Skyrush
Wait 11 (20) for Coal Cracker
Wait 14 (35) for Storm Runner
Wait 40 (35) for Jolly Rancher Remix
Wait 5 (10) for The Howler
Wait 6 (15) for Wild Mouse
Wait 7 (10) for Lightning Racer
Wait 76 (30) for Fahrenheit
Wait 33 (10) for Laff Trakk


Remember to submit your wait times while you are at parks too on the main site: https://www.thrilldata.com

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