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Another Slow Fourth at Disney World



Happy Fourth of July! Like last year's well publicized low wait times on Fourth of July that prompted several national news articles, 2024 is following the same trajectory at Walt Disney World. Comparing Fourth of July's going back to 2014, last year (in gray) and this year (in black) are at the bottom of the resort-wide average wait time profile graph.


Looking at all average wait time profiles for each day of the past year, today, the black line, is in the lower quadrant of the data. On a scale of 1 to 10 rating crowds going back to 2019, the 4th of July 2024 currently is a 1, ranking #1636 out of the past 1869 days. Yesterday, July 3rd, was also one of the slowest days of the past year.


As of this writing, during what should be the peak of the day, no attraction is averaging a wait time over an hour. Below, you can see how many of the major Disney World attractions are below their averages for the past week and month (note TRON, Cosmic Rewind, and Tiana's Bayou Adventure are displaying boarding groups and not wait times). For example, Slinky Dog Dash is 32 minutes below its monthly average today. The 1 PM boarding group drop for Tiana's Bayou Adventure lasted its longest yet, 14 minutes today.

image.png.6a40444cad3bb05eb1ff1e951d653c0f.png image.thumb.png.a6228c907b0cc642059f796b618f20ad.png image.thumb.png.33b18e119d8b602a9238511b673c475d.png image.thumb.png.874f8615ec437a61d9c5bb87f119361a.png

If you are visiting the parks today, Lightning Lane availability is quite good compared to recent days, and most attractions are still available this afternoon. For example, Slinky Dog Dash lasted pasted 11:00 AM today when it is often gone by 7:30 AM! 

image.png.d5fc20fbdbc8325ec735ed640c79aa1e.png image.png.7b5e8f2463af81f75dba1d6d2a52bce9.png image.png.0d3d04771314b18cf416a22457eb4c41.png image.thumb.png.5e1ebd32261f24750a17c9cb511e092c.png 

We'll update this article later with the final statistics for the day. Why are wait times low? Likely due to block-outs for some ticket deals, block-outs for lower tier Passholders, the heat, and guests expecting the parks to be busier than they are. If you are at the parks today, enjoy the below average wait times as those who are not are quite jealous!

For reference, wait times at Universal Orlando aren't crazy and are a bit below average too. 



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