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Quick Magic Kingdom Trip Report 7/6/24



When you are a local, you have the advantage of taking a look at the current Disney World wait time data in the afternoon and deciding to hop on over. Earlier this afternoon, we did just that. We saw that wait times at the Magic Kingdom were well below average and decided to visit for a couple of hours (which is perfect in the heat of the summer)!


Upon entering the peak at 2:48 PM, we were able to still grab a boarding group for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure as group 150. We decided to head to Space Mountain, which just returned from a delay. On the way, we passed the Plaza Restaurant, which is getting some facade work done.

IMG_1540.jpeg IMG_1541.jpeg

For Space Mountain, which was listed as a 15 minute wait time but getting flooded with guests, we waited 18 minutes to ride. The posted wait time after riding was over 45 minutes. After that, we took a ride on the PeopleMover, waiting only 3 minutes to get on.

IMG_1579.jpeg IMG_1580.jpeg

We then headed back to the hub and snapped a few photos in front of a mostly deserted Cinderella’s Castle before stopping to get some pizza and hamburger spring rolls in front of Adventureland.

IMG_1543.jpeg  IMG_1562.jpeg

IMG_1564.thumb.jpeg.a6d32592c442940611eaf486b3527be8.jpeg IMG_1565.thumb.jpeg.b86ab9fa04472ddaaddbbcc0b9ff75a5.jpeg

On the way to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (posting a 15 minute wait at the time), we saw Pirate's of the Caribbean posting a 5 minute wait time and decided to stop for a ride in the AC. It only took us 3 minutes to board our boat!

IMG_1568.jpeg IMG_1581.jpeg


After Pirate's, we headed over towards Big Thunder Mountain, snapping a photo of a Tiana's Bayou Adventure log falling on the way. By the time we reached Big Thunder, the wait time had increased to 40 minutes and the queue began outside of the entrance. We decided to wait for another day, visiting the Emporium on the way to the Monorail instead.


We had a fun couple of hours at the park in the heat, hitting 3 rides with really short wait times. Make your own trip reports like the image below any time with the Trip Reports feature!


A few more random shots from the day below:

IMG_1563.jpeg IMG_1566.jpeg IMG_1567.jpeg


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