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Can you wait in line for Tron?

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Unfortunately not. The only options right now are to purchase an Individual Lightning Lane (ILL) or get a boarding group in the Virtual Queue.

Boarding groups are released each day at 7 AM and 1 PM. You can only get one. The 7 AM drop typically lasts only a few seconds. The 1 PM drop typically lasts much longer, but your group won't be called until later. On Wednesday's, Deluxe Resort guests have access to a 6 PM boarding group drop. They can get this in addition to one of the other boarding group drops and an ILL.

If you are staying on site, you can purchase an ILL at 7 AM and get to pick your time. If you are staying off site, you cannot purchase it until park opening, which is typically at 9 AM. You can get a boarding group and an ILL on the same day.

Visit the TRON page for all the data about boarding groups and Lightning Lane availability: https://www.thrill-data.com/waits/attraction/magic-kingdom/tronlightcyclerun/

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